Secretarial & Business Services

Budget Accounts (HK) offers an array of extensive services from legal compliance to back-office support and day-to-day administration.  Our professional staff will prepare and file all appropriate documentation.

Company Secretarial Services

  • Maintain and updating statutory books and records
  • Change of company name
  • Changes in share capital such as increase registered capital, share allotments, sub-division and consolidation of shares
  • Preparation and filing annual returns
  • Share transfers
  • Changes in directorships, company secretary and registered office
  • Assisting in opening of bank accounts
  • Performing company and land searches
  • Certifying copies of documents as true and arranging legalization and apostilled

Opening A Bank Account

  • Introducing and arranging an appointment with a bank  Learn more
  • Providing 1 set of certified corporate documents for opening a bank account

Registered Office Services

  • Providing our address to you as a registered office address in Hong Kong
  • Receiving all the relevant letters from Government Departments and then arranging to send them to you

Licensing Services

  • Applying licences and permits relevant to different businesses and subsequent renewals


  • Closing representative offices and terminating non-Hong Kong company registrations
  • Providing liquidators
  • Attending to voluntary liquidations
  • Attending to de-registration

Trade Management Services

  • Reviewing and drafting applications of documentary credits
  • Preparing documents in relation to collection and payment under different documents of credit
  • Liaising with suppliers, customers, transportation agencies and other business partners


  • Translation services in all major languages.   Learn more

Visa Applications

  • For individuals who would like to relocate to Hong Kong in order to better manage the company business, we can guide and assist you in applying for the appropriate entry visa to Hong Kong.

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